Conservative claims of being able to recover “significant powers from Europe” are simply wrong

In his speech at the Open University on May 26th, the Conservative leader said the Conservatives would “hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and negotiate the return of powers from the EU”

The fact is that such a negotiation would require the agreement of all 26 other members of the EU even to start, and any outcomes would need a further treaty to be ratified by all 27 members. Even then, there is no guarantee that the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg would not nullify any such treaty on the grounds that it conflicts with the basic principles of the EU.

Possibly the biggest issue which will cause the UK  to collide with the EU is the question of our future energy supplies.

Now this really is a life threatening issue which none of the three main parties seem remotely aware of. Tony Blair as Prime Minister in a grand gesture of his “green” credentials signed Britain up to a legally binding EU target of supplying 20% of all our energy from so-called renewables (among which nuclear doesn’t count) by 2020, just 11 years away. (He thought he was signing up to a target of 20% of our electricity production.)

Since electricity accounts only for about 18% of final energy delivered to industry and the domestic consumer, it is apparent that this could be said to mean that all our electricity should be from renewables, or if primary energy sources are meant, then all our coal and oil burning power stations and about 20% of our gas burning stations would have to close, to be replaced by over 100,000 wind turbines, a quite fanciful number given that we have about 2,000 now – a disaster of appalling dimensions in fact.  (Germany has 19,000 and is not building any more.) This is how we are governed – by gesture!

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