More Government Deceit about Immigration

Tucked away in the margins of the EU-India trade deal to be signed in December is a clause requiring all EU countries to open their doors to increased Indian immigration.

In practice, unless the Coalition government acts soon to stop it, this will mean increased Indian immigration into Britain at a time when this same government is trying to enforce its 24,000 jobs permit cap on all non-EU immigration, including of course our kith and kin in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

This EU way round British immigration policy has been picked up by Indian newspapers and Indian emigration-to-Britain agencies, of which there are a good number, with headlines “trade deal may nullify UK immigration cap” and “EU-India free trade agreement will allow flood of Indian skilled workers into Britain”.

One wonders at the mentality of those Indian people determined to settle in Britain against the repeated expressed wishes of the great majority of the British people.  Given this foreign determination to move into someone else’s country, one wonders also at the mentality of a government that supinely and deceitfully allows it to happen.

One may further wonder how a British government, any British government, sworn individually and collectively to uphold the sovereignty of the Queen in Parliament, can allow the EU to extend the role of a trade agreement between two parties (which Britain actually has no need of incidentally) to cover the migration of the parties’ citizens, without in the EU’s case bothering to check that this was acceptable to its member states.

This poses the question: is there any action by the EU which the British political class would see as sufficiently outrageous to cause it to leave the EU as provided for in the Lisbon Treaty?  Abolish the monarchy (to harmonise with the EU republics); abandon the American alliance (to support the EU’s defence and security policy); drive on the right (harmonisation again); speak only French on Fridays (solidarity).

It should be clear to all that there is no British red line: EU membership trumps every other consideration in the minds of the present political classes – the leaderships and would-be leaders of the three main parties; senior members of the home civil service and local government; most of the senior judges; most of the corporate business class – in fact all those who very much like the Continental-type corporate state, where officials take decisions on all the important issues, including naturally their own salaries and expenses.

At a time when the Coalition government is preparing to inflect real hardship on families to save one or two billion pounds a year, not one voice from the political class and its media supporters has been raised to question the £8 billions and rising annual net payments to the EU, and the promised rise to £7 billion per annum budget of the International Development Department (foreign aid) two thirds of  which has to be channelled through (given to) the EU.

When you stand back and think that we have a government prepared to build and launch two aircraft carriers without aircraft, when these could be acquired for £10 billion over a period of three years to fit a training programme (i.e. for one fifth of the combined EU and IDD budgets), when coupled with policies on immigration one sees that there is a fundamental disjunction between the Cameron-Clegg political class and the British people – indeed it exemplifies the destruction of the whole idea of a British nation and a government system spinning out of control.

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