Don’t Miss “The Meaning of the Maastricht Treaty”

The Maastricht Treaty was signed on our behalf before it had been read. It was ratified by a Conservative Government in the teeth of a public campaign against it and the brave opposition of a handful of MPs at the time, who were harried and abused by their own Party. It now shows us the evidence for many of the poor decisions in the EU which we are still suffering from.

“The Meaning of the Maastricht Treaty” was distributed, with the invaluable support and help of our benefactor, the late Mr David Hill (a staunch member of the Campaign for an Independent Britain), to all Members of Parliament, including the House of Lords, and also to selected members of the Royal Family and the Civil Service at the time of the debates in Parliament in May 1992 to ratify the Treaty.  The copy of the combined treaties that we made in preparation for this summary was presented to Parliament by Mr Austin Mitchell MP at a time when the government copy was not yet available.

The full text of “The Meaning of the Maastricht Treaty” can be found on the European Union page of this website.  Articles from the Treaty and the Protocol on Monetary Union are grouped under subject headings and the most important and/or damaging to Britain are boxed in black or red.

The text shows that the German people were persuaded by the very strict monetary controls imposed by the Treaty on prospective members of the single currency to accept the abolition of the DeutcheMark, but that these controls were largely put aside by the political will of EU member states to proceed with the Treaty despite everything, with the resulting chaos in the Euro-Zone that we see today.

It also shows that despite Britain’s opt-out from the Euro, we had to contribute to its setting up and we are still bound by obligations under the Treaty to support it.

The section on Immigration, Border Controls, Visas and Asylum, shows the origins of many of our current immigration problems, not just with EU citizens travelling to Britain for work, education and settlement, but other nationals and asylum seekers too.

Every section shows Britain being put at a disadvantage by this Treaty and yet ratification was forced through Parliament by a Conservative Government whose main objective seemed to be at all costs to keep their place at the banqueting tables in Brussels.

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