Don’t miss “Intelligence”

This is a new book by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen subtitled “A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences” published by the Ulster Institute for Social Research, London, ISBN 978-0-9568811-8-2.

Professor Donald Templer from Alliant International University says, “Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen . . . show that differences in intelligence between individuals explain numerous phenomena including educational attainment, earnings, crime and health and extend this to the explanation of differences between groups including socio-economic classes, regions within countries and nations. They develop further their work on national IQs for all countries in the world and show that these contribute significantly to the understanding of numerous phenomena in economics, political science, demography, sociology, criminology, anthopology and epidemiology. This path-breaking book is a major contribution to the social sciences.”

Professor J P Rushton from the University of Western Ontario says, “A brilliant exposition of the significance of intelligence for the social sciences.”

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