Immigration Scandals Continue

Hard on the heels of the 2011 census results showing a huge rise over 10 years – 3.7 million – in the number of foreign-born residents of England and Wales, comes a telling snippet.

A Czech TV documentary has been released about Roma travellers in Britain.  These people make many complaints about their treatment in Britain, chief among them the number of children taken into care by Social Services.  The Roma complain that they are discriminated against because they don’t speak English.  Social Services (in Rotherham – where else?) indignantly deny this, saying that they treat every community the same.

So there you have it, in the eyes of our expensive social services, our precious country is now merely a collection of communities – the end product of the ingrained liberal ideology which views every person who happens to be in this country in exactly the same way as (actually usually better than) native Britons, whose parents and grandparents and their forebears have actually built this country – virtually all of its roads, houses, public buildings, schools, hospitals, parks and whose past and present-day taxes pay for the benefits so liberally bestowed on non-UK citizens – a complete inversion of right and wrong.

It is the sheer liberality of UK benefits which attracts, a fortune for people in South-East Europe where the Roma chiefly come from and hugely generous by the standards of Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries.  Sure they may tell the media they’ve come to work, but if they don’t find it – well the benefits are there to fall back on.

When Britain leaves the EU, the single most important benefit for us, the much abused British people, will be a permanent end to the uncontrolled movement of people from the EU.  Incidentally, free movement of people within the EU is part and parcel of the much vaunted Single Market.  In the EU-free future those EU nationals with jobs will need to apply for job permits on exactly the same basis as non-EU people.  Non-contributory benefits will also have to be phased out as part of benefits and pensions reform.  Non-UK citizens whose benefits have run out, or who do not have a job will have to return to their own countries – and that should include travellers from the Republic of Ireland who continue to cause such trouble at Dale Farm in Essex.

Meantime the British government can help the British people and reduce its burgeoning benefits bill by instituting a benefits qualifying period for EU immigrants which other countries in Western Europe, Australasia and North America already do.

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