Liberal Moralism on Immigration

As with the interview by Sarah Montague with Sir Andrew Green of Migration-Watch on the BBC Radio4 Today Programme on 14th December 2012, so a leading English language international weekly – the London Economist (2nd February 2013) – chimes in with the received Liberal mind-set on immigration.

Under the heading “An unwelcoming nation” (that’s England actually), whoever writes the Bagehot column weighs in with the tale of the Romanian who is working illegally in Britain at below the national minimum wage.  He will be able to be a legal worker/immigrant come January 1st 2014 however, along with 23 million of his countrymen in Romania and 6 million in neighbouring Bulgaria.  With their right to live and work in Britain will come the entitlement to a huge range of non-contributory state welfare payments – including housing benefit (5.5 million claimants), which now costs the British taxpayer £22 billion per annum, i.e. around 80% of all the taxes imposed on gasoline and diesel fuels is spent on this one colossal benefit.

Most other EU countries, including all the large ones, make other EU nationals wait until they have at least performed some work for a period of time before granting them welfare benefits.  But not Britain, of course – Prime Minister Cameron is Charlie Free-Heart with taxpayers’ money in this and so many other aspects of national life controlled by the state.

Repeatedly one asks what is the origin of this liberal mentality, which transfers huge sums of taxpayers’ money to foreigners, pretty much for nothing and regards it as morally superior to the outlook which puts its own people first, binding it together, not atomising it.

In the face of these realities Bagehot says that in trying to discourage Romanians and Bulgarians from coming to Britain “the government is pandering to anti-immigration feeling, when it should be trying to reduce it” – i.e. the “feeling” not the cause of the feeling such as schools and maternity hospitals overflowing with the children of 7.9 million foreigners in the country, while the indigenous population is now a minority in its capital city of over 8 million inhabitants.

Liberals like Cameron will never get hold of the basic truth of our national existence – the rest of the world doesn’t owe us a living, but neither do we owe the rest of the world anything – not morally, not practically apart from of course the huge debts which Cameron’s government continues to add to at the rate of about £12 billion per month.  If the Conservative party actually wants to be elected into power in 2015, it had better dump Cameron fast, along with his ideas for homosexual marriage.

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