Influence that voters can have

May 7th 2015 is the date of the next British General Election, so we are entering the period of maximum voter influence as the incumbent and aspiring politicians bid for votes.

Key areas where pressure can be effectively exerted include the useful but attainable New Year presents for the much put-upon British people:

  • Counting people in and out of the country (counting out only is due to come into force in March)
  • Court orders for deportation are enforced without further appeal
  • A serious information campaign is carried out across Northern Africa, the Middle East and their European enclaves such as Sangatte near Calais to tell people that unauthorised entry into the UK will be followed immediately on detection by deportation without appeal to the courts, right back to their native countries
  • The government will make it explicit under its Local Planning Framework policy that new housing and windfarms will not be permitted on “green” land, against the wishes of the people living in the parishes affected.

Here’s wishing all our readers far and wide success in your endeavours in 2015.

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  1. Ageing Albion says:

    These are all valid points. But, needless to say, the election will be a farce – and all voters’ concerns irrelevant – unless the ever increasing tide of electoral fraud identified elsewhere on this site is addressed. The Electoral Commission has just published a detailed report:

    It admits that cultural problems are at the root of past fraud, but its recommendations are lukewarm to say the least. Unfortunately pressure of work prevents me from a more detailed analysis of the report – but it deserves a strong critique and I hope that the authors of this site take the time to subject it to appropriate scrutiny.

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