Not taking sides: ISIL

One of Britain’s major avoidable handicaps is its principal Broadcaster’s news and current affairs managers.  These people, producers mainly, are right at the heart of the egalo-left tendency which sees Britain as just a part (a small part usually) of the world, not intrinsically more worthy in their eyes than say Mongolia or Argentina.

Even confronted with manifest evil and danger to our (their) country, they find it next to impossible to take our side.

Thus on Tuesday night’s News at Ten, the courageous Frank Gardner, BBC’s security correspondent, found himself wondering on air, why Muslims going to Syria to join the violently anti-Western terrorist organisation, Islamic State of Iraq and Lebanon (ISIL), perpetrators of the worst wickedness since Pol Pot, “had their collars felt” (his words) while the much smaller number of British, mainly soldiers, who have gone to fight ISIL alongside largely pro-Western Kurdish fighters struggling to survive, were welcomed back into Britain as heroes.

Shades of the BBC’s Falklands war reporting

BBC News does have causes – immigration, egalo-liberalism, promoting ethnic minorities way beyond their proportion among British citizens, Scotland, laying siege to the public purse.  It’s just that England, Wales and Northern Ireland are not among them.

Nothing will change.  Left will continue to recruit Left.  Only the complete dismantling of the BBC and starting again will make any real difference.

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