Tristram Hunt’s “Gordon Brown” moment

On Wednesday 15th April, Tristram Hunt[1], the Labour Party’s “shadow” Education Secretary, made a widely reported visit to Howitt Primary School at Heavor in Derbyshire, a village in the heart of English England.  In his “man of the people” avuncular fashion, Hunt asked a six-year-old how he would vote.  The little boy replied that he would vote UKIP.  On being asked why by Hunt, the child said he “wanted to get all the foreigners out” to which Hunt (unlike Gordon Brown in 2010) wisely said nothing, at least in public.

End Note

[1]  Son of Baron Hunt of Chesterton, Cambridgeshire, educated at Westminster School, University College School, Trinity College Cambridge, University of Chicago and King’s College Cambridge, about as privileged an upbringing as you could ever hope to have, even for a socialist.

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