Immigration puzzle


After the Second World War, leaders in France and Germany wanted to prevent further destructive wars in Europe and, together with 3 other small countries on their borders, they signed the Treaty of Rome to form a Common Market, with the aim that the economic benefits of free trade between them would underpin their friendship and co-operation. However the treaty contained unalterable “pillars”, including one on the free movement of people between these countries.

As the years passed and more countries joined, including the United Kingdom, new treaties were agreed which created the European Union, but they built on the existing treaties, rather than replacing them, and so the free movement of people is still an unalterable principle.

With the addition of East European countries whose workers earn very low wages, and with the recession across most of the EU, there has been a flood of people legally moving to the UK for a better life. In the estimated total of our immigrants we also include students from outside the EU and others coming to fill skill shortages, plus family members of those already here. In addition there are the illegal immigrants whose numbers are difficult to assess. The puzzle is how to encourage and control useful immigrants, while refusing entry for settlement to the rest.

Georgie’s tale

We cats are very sensitive about our territories. We check on who has been visiting every time we go out.
Garf in sun2

Garfield’s reply

Yes, checking borders on a daily basis and establishing exactly who is coming and going is essential. This first step is still not being taken. With EU migrants, however, the EU allows us no control at all. With non-EU students we should get their colleges and universities to make sure they go back home at the end of their courses. Then they could apply to fill skill shortages. Family members should be limited to one legal spouse and any dependent children. We already have rules about overcrowding in housing which, if applied rigorously, would discover many illegal immigrants and they should then be sent home. However it is only when we are free of the EU that we shall be able finally to solve our immigration puzzle.

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