Breaking and Entering at Calais

As a large number of rational people have remarked “When the facts change, I change my mind”.

This simple statement is directly relevant to the two greatest crises facing the British government today: immigration and Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU).

Despite the huge changes in the world since Britain joined the EEC 42 years ago and British membership of the EU being manifestly opposed to our national interest today:

  • the UK’s colossal £99 billion trade deficit with the EU (see the Manager’s post of June 23rd);
  • the huge annual bill for membership (£18 billion gross – half the defence budget – £12 billion net and rising);
  • the enormous diversion of Civil Service effort deployed to head off the most injurious of EU directives (half the Foreign Office, one third of the Home Office and a third of the Justice Department, half the Treasury and two thirds of Business, Innovation and Skills);
  • as a direct result of membership of the EU, the impossibility of Britain’s making its own trade and investment agreements with its own kith and kin countries – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA, and all other Commonwealth countries, let alone the BRIC and MIT countries who together account for 45% of the world’s population;
  • the virtually complete destruction of the British fishing industry in our own coastal ports and waters;

even now the mass of the writers and correspondents in the broadsheet newspapers, with the honourable exception of Simon Heffer in the Sunday Telegraph, still cannot bring themselves to declare in favour of Britain’s leaving the EU and setting out on a path of reclaimed independence.

David Cameron’s phoney “negotiations”

Instead they witter on about “waiting to see what David Cameron can negotiate” such as being allowed to withhold benefits from EU migrants for 4 years? Have they no sense of pride that a formerly great country is reduced, like Greece, to asking permission to do the simplest things?  What on earth do these faint-hearts see as the advantage of being in the EU, which is remotely comparable to this ritual humiliation and the real, tangible losses listed above which are inflicted on us by membership.

Everybody, but everybody, in Britain knows that direct control over immigration from the EU is what is most desperately desired by the British people, but they know that this is the one thing that the EU will never agree to.

What do these columnists believe will happen to the British population if we don’t get immigration down from 300,000 net coming in per year to well below 100,000 per annum – say 25,000 – as promised by a certain D Cameron in 2010 when standing for election?  Twenty-five thousand is more than enough to supply all the technical staff which corporate bosses believe they need[1].

Does anybody seriously quarrel with the latest projections by the National Statistics Office (NSO)?  England now (2015 Q1) has a population of 54 million, an increase of 5 million since 1999 – nearly all due to foreign immigration, the whole UK population is now 65 million – projected to be 70 million by mid to late 2020s – again almost all due to foreign immigration.

But it doesn’t  have to be like this.  Just a little courage and cunning in facing down the judges, the immigration lawyers, the “bien pensants”  faring tenderly in bishops’ palaces, university cloisters, charities, the BBC and the like, in fact all who put their internationalist creed before the interests, short-term and long-term, of the British people, who because of this creed are the most-put-upon people on earth.

Solving the Calais Crisis

The one thing motivating the gangs of so-called migrants at Calais is the certainty that should they break into trains, lorries, or cars crossing to England, they will not be deported while they claim asylum.  The soft-headed judges nearly always grant asylum under articles 3 or 5 or 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), after the legal system has been put under enormous strain sorting through the catalogue of lies and distortions put forward by lawyers acting for these people.  One piece of common knowledge among asylum seekers is find an English girl, father a child[2] and you will never be deported under the judges’ interpretation of Article 8 of the ECHR as incorporated in the UK Human rights Act 1998.

The one thing which will put a stop to the intolerable pressure on UK Border Controls, British and Continental truck drivers, returning British citizens in cars, the French citizens who live around Calais and the French police, is to announce a temporary suspension of all claims for asylum and the prompt deportation of illegals found in Britain with no appeal to the British courts.

When faced with two incompatible courses of action, the rational and humane course to choose is the least disadvantageous – in this case to stop people breaking into our country.

To prevent challenges in the courts the temporary suspension of asylum will have to be passed into law by an amendment to the 1998 Human Rights Act (HRA).

Contrary to what would doubtless be egregious and hysterical opposition to such a move, the generality of human rights as embodied in the HRA should not be the primary concern of British governments, whereas the welfare of the British citizen is.  This is gravely threatened by the predominantly Middle Eastern and African males camped around the Ferry Port at Calais and the Channel Tunnel entrance at Coquelles – and beyond – up the A16 autoroute leading to these crossing points to England.

Word would soon get around, not only among these camped in Calais and Coquelles, but far and wide in the Middle East and Africa.  Physical defences will still be needed – the Spanish enclave at Melilla on the North African coast shows what needs to be done and what can be done o stop illegal immigration.

End Notes

[1]  Rather than training British staff in partnership with the Universities and Further Education Colleges which the British taxpayer already pays for.

[2]  The vast majority of asylum seekers are young, healthy males.

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