How is Greece staving off actual bankruptcy?

As we have previously remarked, such is the obsession of the Europoliticos, Mrs Merkel in particular, with keeping the Euro currency area intact, that the Greek people are being crucified economically.

Individual Greeks are withdrawing around 3 billion euros a week from their accounts.  Since the Greek government is itself completely out of cash to pay its IMF debts and its own employees, where is it getting the money to pay for the €3 billion withdrawals?  Why from the good old European Central Bank, its principal creditor, total financial madness.

It must surely penetrate even the dimmest British corporate brains in the CBI that while they witter on about the mythical loss of the European markets, the only thing which their Euro opposite numbers and their political colleagues care about, is keeping the Eurozone intact.

For this they will impoverish their own peoples in Greece and Germany, just as the French government did in 1998-9 in order to meet the 3% deficit target laid down at Maastricht so that France could enter the Euro in 2000.

If only our corporate class would display the same zeal to protect Britain’s identity and independence, that the Euro class deploys to keep its European identity alive.  But then should we expect them to, when fully 43% of Britain’s 100 largest public companies are headed by foreigners, many of whom are themselves European nationals who care not a fig for British independence and freedom.

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