Preventing More Migrant Invasions

While the announcement this week of more fences at Calais is to be welcomed, as is the reduction, for the time being at least, in the numbers of migrants trying to break into Britain via the nearby Channel tunnel, the fundamental problem of the huge rises in actual and prospective African, East Asian, Middle East and Latin American populations is unaddressed.

As shown in Stephen Bush’s post of August 12th (Chaos at Calais) the combined population of the principal immigrant-sending countries in the above list of regions is now virtually six times the combined population of the principal immigrant-receiving countries, double the figure 50 years ago. Virtually all the would-be immigrants target the North European nations and their overseas descendant countries – what Bush describes as GSCs (Germanic speaking countries) and ABCANZ (America, Britain itself, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, sometimes collectively referred to as the Anglophone world). To underline the narrow focus of the immigrants’ target countries, it was announced, also this week, that the number of those landing on to the Greek islands from Turkey, without permits of any kind, reached 100,000 in July. Interviews broadcast on British and other countries’ TV networks made it unambiguously clear that their purpose was to reach the GS countries, especially Germany, and Britain, the latter being for some a stepping stone to the rest of ABCANZ. Germany has now forecast that the number of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants generally entering Germany is likely to reach the colossal total of 800,000 in the current calendar year.

Trains packed with non-fare paying passengers, overwhelmingly Muslim, mainly males, were shown trundling north from Greece through Macedonia into Serbia. Given that historic Muslim-Serbian antipathies have only been contained, not assuaged, this will be potentially a highly combustible situation if countries immediately to the north of Serbia – Croatia and Hungary, refuse to let people on the trains into their countries. Hungary has already announced the rebuilding of the communist-era Hungarian-Serbian-Croatian border fence, this time to keep people out rather than keeping them in.

Contemporary British and EU Politicians are institutionally incapable of taking the measure of the problem about to engulf the Balkans

Given the population figures in Professor Bush’s August 12th article, the everlasting fighting in the Middle East, and the current flow of people into Greece and Italy (from Libya), there will be no let-up in the pressure to get into Northern Europe. Indeed the numbers cited above for the last 12 months now have the character and dimensions of an invasion.

Unarmed invasions can be longer-lasting than military ones

Although the people coming are not armed with guns and able to impose their will directly on the European receiving populations, the prevailing liberal consensus in the European political classes means that of those who get in, only a tiny number will be returned to their own countries. Certainly Articles 3 and 5 of the European Convention on Human rights will be continually cited to prevent large-scale repatriation. Essentially the European political classes have disarmed their countries in the face of the most profound threat to their own existence as nations whose culture is grounded in the Christian-Judaic and scientific traditions, since the Muslim invasions of the 17th Century. These were only reversed gradually, after the historic victories of John III (Sobieski) of Poland over the Turks in 1673 and 1683. These victories liberated Southern Poland, Ukraine, Vienna, and most of Hungary.

The legacy of the Muslim Turkish invasions of Europe is with us to the present day in the terrible war in former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. The contemporary experience of Britain, France and the Netherlands is that, with the exception of small numbers, Muslim populations do not integrate with the historic cultures of the countries they are settled in, primarily because their belief system is not just about the nature of God, but rules of conduct governing every aspect of life – in many cases completely contrary to Western values. This applies even for individuals who in themselves may be decent and law-abiding. Resistance to integration increases with the size of the Muslim population. Above about 1-1.5%, the resistance looks pretty permanent, or at least hundreds of years would have to pass for integration to be achieved.

Reversing the Flows

The principal means are:

  • Physically preventing people penetrating the Southern and South Eastern perimeters of Europe, notably in Greece. This means enlisting the active help of Turkey in preventing their territory being used as a transit zone from Syria and Iraq, and re-establishing Libya as a functioning state as proposed in Prof Bush’s recent post.
  • Establishing safe-havens made up of self-sustaining small towns constructed from mobile-home type pre-fabricated kits made in Britain and probably other countries as well.

Paying for this should be a first-charge on their foreign aid budgets. The aim would be to put these safe-haven towns in Libya and near the Syrian-Iraq-Turkey borders, obviously with the agreement and assistance of functioning local administrations, where these exist.

These safe-havens would accept illegal immigrants, failed asylum seekers and those in transit from their home countries. It is clearly a mammoth, even heroic task, but it has to be undertaken and the sooner the better.

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