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Andrea Leadsom (Warwick University, Political Science) is now Minister of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), responsible for oil and gas policy, new nuclear building and renewables.

She is responsible to Amber Rudd, the Secretary of State (DECC), who, as I pointed out on October 2nd, is one of four females occupying the most senior positions in Government and Opposition in the two most technical departments DECC and Business, Innovation and Skills, none of them recording a single science A level between them.

However Leadsom (one of Cameron’s A list of favoured women) came into office on May 11th, sensibly questioning the reality of man-made climate change, but now, as she told the Parliamentary Group for “unconventional oil and gas”, she is “completely persuaded” of its existence.  Doubtless civil servants in the Climate Change part of DECC have exerted the maximum effort to persuade her of the reason for the existence of the department she has been appointed to lead, but it would be widely appreciated if she would share the reasons for her change of heart with the rest of us.

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