Do the British people know that their Euro Referendum Votes will be diluted by the votes of people from 53 other countries unless they stop it?

The Britain-Watch post of 14th December from the Manager advocates restricting the Euro Referendum vote to British citizens, normally resident in Britain.  No other country in the world would even dream of allowing the citizens of foreign countries to have a say in their national destiny.

Non-British entitled to vote

As of today, citizens of 53 foreign countries are allowed to vote in British General Elections on the same terms as British citizens – not even a test of habitual residency is required, only an address for registering on the electoral roll in October.

In the same careless manner we saw Prime Minister Cameron allow SNP leader Alex Salmond fix the date and the electoral rules for the referendum to break up the United Kingdom, so Cameron has “supposed the electoral roll for the Referendum would be the same as for the General Election”.

Here is the list of these countries

Their citizens are allowed to vote in British General Elections if registered in the UK and will be allowed to vote in our Leave/Stay Euro Referendum unless we get the law changed quickly.

Table 1: Members of the Commonwealth entitled to vote in British Elections
*Antigua and Barbuda *Australia *The Bahamas
Bangladesh *Barbados *Belize
Botswana Brunei Cameroon
*Canada Cyprus Dominica
†Fiji Ghana *Grenada
Guyana India *Jamaica
Kenya Kiribati Lesotho
Malawi Malaysia Maldives
Malta Mauritius Mozambique
Namibia Nauru *New Zealand
Nigeria Pakistan *Papua New Guinea
Rwanda *St Kitts and Nevis *St Lucia
*St Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa Seychelles
Sierra Leone Singapore *Solomon Islands
South Africa Sri Lanka Swaziland
Tanzania Tonga Trinidad and Tobago
*Tuvalu Uganda Vanuatu

*Realms of Queen Elizabeth II
†Currently suspended from the Commonwealth

Fiji is currently suspended from the Commonwealth, as Pakistan has been at various times, but in the usual indulgent way the British political class behaves where British people’s interests are concerned, their citizens have continued to be allowed to vote. Some people will easily recognise Australia, Canada and New Zealand (and probably would not oppose their having a vote) and maybe a few others as former parts of the British Empire, but what of Cameroon (ex-French), Rwanda (ex-Belgian), and Mozambique (ex-Portuguese) which were allowed to join the Commonwealth in 1995 without a word to the British people whose voting rights are potentially affected.

In addition to this vast number

Citizens of the Republic of Ireland are also entitled to register and vote, making 53 other countries allowed to vote in our absolutely critical referendum.

Voting Entitlement in local government, London, and European elections

In addition to the above 53 countries, citizens of another 26 countries from the European Union are allowed to vote, and many do – as is obvious from the European election results in London.

All in all, 79 other countries’citizens have a hand in our domestic government and 53 have a hand in deciding our national destiny.

Implications for the Euro Referendum of these absurd voting arrangements

The numbers of foreigners registering and voting in our elections is unknown because in the usual sloppy way of the British “governing” class nobody keeps count. But the numbers could be considerable, even decisive, in a closely fought referendum.  Clues can be obtained from data in the Census of 2011[1], some of whom however will have become naturalised British citizens.

Table 2: Foreign-born Residents in the United Kingdom*
Origin Approx Numbers
(in thousands)
Republic of Ireland 354
India 807
Pakistan/Bangladesh 708
China 300
Other Asian 628
Africa 668
Other Black/Caribbean 326
White (excluding Republic of Ireland) 2,128
Total 5,919

*Classification according to the National Statistics Office

It is likely that most of the White people will be either EU citizens and therefore not entitled to vote in British General Elections (unless from the Republic of Ireland)[2] or from the other Anglophone countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA. But the great bulk of the other 3.4 (5.9-2.5) million will be from the non-white Commonwealth and therefore entitled to register and vote in our General Elections and the Referendum.  What proportion of this 3.4 million is non-British?

Naturalisation totals for the last 20 years

The last 10 years to 2014 have seen grants of British citizenship more than double, compared with the previous ten years to 2004, yielding a total of 2.5 million (including ACANZ[3]) over the whole 20 year period to 2014. This has to mean that at least 0.9 million (3.4-2.5) are non-British citizens from the Table 2 list above. Probably some 500-600,000 are Asian and African Commonwealth citizens – most likely to be predominantly Pakistani/Bangladeshi families with a high proportion of non-English speaking females, as seemed to be present in significant numbers at the Oldham West and Royton by-election on December 3rdsee post of 14th December.

The opportunities for large-scale personation and undue influence through substantial postal voting in possibly 20 constituencies with substantial Asian and African non-British citizens are evident to all but the most purblind Labour supporter – exactly as Judge Richard Mawrey has shown in four previous cases of electoral fraud (see post of 14th December 2015).

How would they vote in the Euro Referendum

Since Labour has declared itself in favour of the “stay” option, and postal votes in Oldham were overwhelmingly in favour of Labour)[4], and it is likely that most Republic of Ireland voters will also opt to stay in the EU, if the electoral roll is not confined to British citizens for the Referendum, it is possible that the “stay” campaign will be gifted half a million votes or 1.5% of the likely total vote. Since the polls are indicating “leave” and “stay” are neck and neck, this means this British existential decision could easily be in the hands of foreigners living in this country for as short a period as twelve months.

What can be done to prevent this negation of British democracy?

Only pressure on the government and the Electoral Commission, both of whom will be very reluctant to make a change because they will calculate, like this post does, that it will favour the “leave” voters. So a Downing Street petition must be launched – only 100,000 votes are needed to get the matter debated in Parliament.

End Notes

[1] Figures for non-UK born will be considerably higher in 2015.

[2] Plus our fellow Crown subjects from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, amounting to perhaps 150,000, who are of course entitled to vote.

[3] Australia, Canada, New Zealand

[4] One un-checked box of postal votes from a particular district was reported as having over 99% votes for the Labour Candidate.

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  1. Lars Dunn says:

    I didn’t know that the referendum or the general election was open to non-British Citizens.
    If this is the case how can this be deemed as democratic and fair? Is the mother of democracy really no better than that of a banana republic?

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