William Hague shows his true colours

The Daily Telegraph ran a feeble article (23rd December) by William Hague, the former holder of the part-time job known as the British Foreign Secretary.

After months of agonising apparently, Lord Hague, former leader of the British Conservative Party and declared Eurosceptic, can’t decide whether leaving or staying would be in Britain’s interest or not, but as he is sure that Britain’s staying in the EU would be good for the EU, even necessary to hold it together, well he is going to vote to stay (he thinks).

Hague also believes that if Britain votes to leave the EU, the ScotNats will be able to force the UK to hold another referendum about Scotland’s separation from the UK. Even with the oil price less than half what it was last time, this time they will win it according to Hague. So 92% of the UK which does not live in Scotland is to be held to ransom by half of the 8% who do.

What terrible defeatism about Britain there is in high places.

How apt it is that the Foreign Office is referred to in patriotic circles as the “Ministry for Foreigners”. Evidently Mr Hague went native while he was there!

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