Britain is facing an existential crisis worse than the threat of invasion in 1940

In 1940, Britain had a Prime Minister and government absolutely determined to resist invasion by the Germans massed along the Channel Coast, and ultimately determined to defeat them entirely – an objective triumphantly achieved in May 1945.

Today, we are faced with an ongoing process of foreign invasion – two and a quarter million new National Insurance numbers have been issued to EU nationals in just 5 years, equivalent to the whole adult population of the Metropolitan Boroughs of Birmingham, Bradford, Leeds and Manchester added together.  And we have a Prime Minister constantly running his own country down, scare-mongering – now about food prices –and persuading the French President into warning the British people of “consequences” if they vote to leave the EU, this while actually walking round the sacred ground of a British war cemetery in France.

Cameron is clearly a man without any sense of natural British dignity and pride. Sure he refers constantly to “our great country” – PR talk – while talking us down and hawking us round Europe as a supplicant for favours, while countries like Poland, Lithuania and Hungary – all sucking on the EU teat – sniff at his proposals and tell him Britain absolutely cannot stop the numbers of their citizens coming into our country.

Cameron should have faced up to the central issue right from the start, right back to the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 in fact. The EU will NEVER agree to our stopping their nationals entering our country for jobs and settlement.  Leaving the EU is the only British survival option, and like Churchill in 1940, our Prime Minister should lead the survival campaign, face down the defeatists in British business, his own Cabinet, the senior ranks of the Civil Service, especially Jeremy Heywood, his Cabinet Office head, the Foreign Office (the Ministry for Foreigners*) and all the Big Business foreigners like Bob Dudley, CEO of BP; Torsten Muller-Otvos, BMW Top Leader; Goldman Sachs, etc. etc. wading into our referendum debates.

End Note

*A phrase memorably coined by Austin Mitchell, Labour MP for Grimsby and Greater Grimsby 1977-2015.

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