From an absolutely authentic source (March 2nd): two men come to a dental surgery, one in pain.  He cannot speak a word of English so is accompanied by a translator.  Regular appointments are shifted back and the patient is treated. However, his translator claims that the patient is on Job Seeker’s allowance, so doesn’t have to pay – nor does he volunteer to pay.


  1. Why are foreign nationals still not being charged for NHS treatment by invoicing either the patient himself or his own national health service?
  2. Why is someone who cannot speak a word of English, put on Job Seeker’s Allowance when he has no chance of a job?  Why are job-seekers not issued with a JSA certificate?
  3. When is all this foreign abuse of British public services going to stop?


Only when Britain leaves the EU, and even then we shall have to watch our negotiators like a hawk to see that they don’t give way to East European pressure again.

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