“Closed off” by voting Leave?

Two hundred and seventy-nine writers and actors, headed by Keira Knightley, wrote to the Daily Telegraph on 20th May saying that if the British people chose to leave the EU, they would somehow “close themselves off” from “our friends and neighbours”. Do Keira Nightley and co. believe that Britain is “closed off” from the USA because we are not its 51st state?  Without this status how do they imagine EON Productions, owned by the American Broccoli family, was ever able to finance the “Bond” film series, the biggest grossing film series of all time, paying all those “closed off” British actors, film crews, set designers and script writers millions of £s in wages and royalties over the last 54 years?

The letter we have been reading in the Daily Telegraph, with Downing Street’s fingerprints all over it, is a childish hyperbole which hopefully some of the nominal signatories will in time regret signing.  The Referendum does not involve “leaping into the unknown”.  It will simply give the British people a choice between being governed democratically by their own elected Parliament, or being governed by a European Commission of 28 bureaucrats, of which only one is British and none of them elected.

That is the top and bottom of it.

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