Decision Day

Tomorrow is Decision Day for the British people. Will they vote for Freedom and Independence from the EU, or vote to remain in the coming United State of Europe, a spatchcock union of 27 other countries sharing 24 official languages.

Of those 27 only 8, less than a third, headed by Germany, make a net contribution to the EU budget.

Part of this budget is now being spent on a prototype European Army – of which we will hear much more in the coming weeks. This is being set up under the EU’s “Common Foreign and Security Policy” (CFSP), complete with its “High Representative” – the first appointment (2009-14) being Katherine Ashton, British Labour politician and CND organiser.  The second, current appointment, is Frederica Mogherini aged 43, left-wing Italian politician, member of the Italian Communist party (until it was dissolved in 1996), then member of the Italian Parliament, graduate in political science.  Like Ashton before her, Mogherini has spent her entire life in left-wing talking shops.

These are the typse of person that the two British Battle Groups (1500 personnel each) which have been assigned to the EU “command” in the past, were responsible to – not the Queen – not even to someone with a smattering of military experience, but to a bunch of Continental politicians and bureaucrats, careerists to a man and woman.

This defence entanglement has played no part in the Referendum campaign, except that the Remain side has denied its existence, by claiming (Michael Fallon, UK Secretary of State for Defence) that Britain would use its veto to block moves towards a “European Army”, a sophistry used to disguise the fact that plans for this have been underway for nearly ten years now.

Supreme Issue at Stake on Thursday 23rd June

But for the incompetence of the vote Leave campaign leadership, the vote tomorrow would not be the knife-edge which the polls are portraying: the polls would be more like 60 : 40 for Leave, than 50 : 50.

The issue is a simple one for every voter:

Do you want the democratically elected British Parliament at Westminster to be the supreme source of law and government in Britain in all matters as it was until 1973?  Then you will vote “Leave” on June 23rd.


Do you want the non-democratically appointed European Commission, of which Britain has but one of its 28 commissioners, to be the supreme source of law and government in Britain for the economy, immigration, energy, agriculture, fishing, the environment, and our trade relations with the rest of the world? Then you will vote “Remain” on June 23rd.

Our very own blow for freedom: Vote Leave

This is the greatest chance in a lifetime that every Briton, young and old, men and women, will have to strike their very own blow for freedom, joining the sons and fathers of our glorious past at Blenheim, Trafalgar, Waterloo, Ypres, Alamein, Normandy and the Falklands.

Ignore the doomsayers, the self-interest groups, the careerists, the talking heads, the big business bosses (many of whom are foreigners), the defeatists, and vote for our country, not theirs.

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