Independence Dawns

Hurrah for the British people. Outside inner London and central Liverpool, virtually every one of the 341 voting districts in England, Wales and the Unionist districts of Northern Ireland voted to leave, many with 2 : 1 majorities.

Only the university towns of Oxford, Cambridge, Exeter, Norwich, Bath, and Bristol, stood apart from the surge for national independence.

Pity about the Scots. When we get our fishing back, and restart our ship building, they will come over too.

Now we can walk tall again and demonstrate to all those special interest groups: university researchers, arrays of economists (except the IEA), world bankers, CBI and Trades Union bosses, EU and US presidents, that this is the dawn of a new era in Britain’s Island story[1]:

“Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,
But to be young was very heaven!”[2]

The Queen’s best 90th Birthday Present

With all the wonderful service that Her Majesty the Queen has given her peoples, what better 90th birthday present can she possibly have than the British people giving her full restoration of all her sovereign rights in Britain to match those  in her other realms in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

End Notes

[1] Stephen Bush, “Britain’s Referendum Decision and its Effects”, Technomica, 2016.

[2] Samuel Taylor Coleridge, “The French Revolution”.

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  1. Ageing Albion says:

    As ever, the left supports democracy unless it gives the wrong answer, hence the repeated referenda on the continent whenever anyone voted against an expansion of EU powers. Now they’re at it in Britain:

    We see also a flood of electoral fraud on this so-called petition, something that has become a feature of modern Britain (as one of the “benefits of immigration and multiculturalism we hear so much about) as detailed elsewhere on this site. The response from the authorities has been pitiful in the past and we can expect the same now.

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