Calais “Children”: Incompetence Rules Again

Most Britons will have watched news of yet another monumental Home Office botch-up – this time of selecting children from the Calais “Jungle” with “family” in the UK to be allowed to come here.

With two-thirds of the refugee children (defined as under 18) let into Britain in the year to the end of September, “discovered” to be over 18 by the Home Office itself, most of these caught on camera since then looked decidedly older than 17, all males – some with obvious shaven beards (e.g. Daily Telegraph), full-grown shoulders, rapturously welcomed by the Left-wing refugee support groups which live off the public purse. One English lady who volunteered to foster a refugee “child” found when he arrived that he was a full-grown man with luxuriant beard.

The Home Office has now announced it is performing further checks when these young people arrive at Lunar House, the aptly named Home Office HQ for “immigration compliance and enforcement” (at 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon, CR9 2BY, tel: 0208-196-3388/3511 for those interested to check the facts of this saga directly for themselves).

Nobody in their senses could believe that such checks will ever result in a phoney “child” being sent back to France. They only have to hang about until they can claim to be 18 – and then claim asylum, supported by one of the numerous refugee support groups like Citizens UK, whose declared objectives for which they have charitable status, are (1) to help communities in Britain and Ireland, and (2) promote the effective working of local and national institutions which are nothing to do with acting as a channel for fraudulent access to Britain.

Are the staff at Lunar House quite so lunatic as their HQ name and actions suggest? This writer doesn’t think so. Rather, the Home Office with a large proportion of its staff originating from the very regions of the world whose people they are supposed to prevent unjustifiably settling in Britain, has never looked serious about this primary function.   Unless of course those applying to settle are white people, fellow subjects of the Crown, like the Brians from Australia, who with a blameless five-year record of productive employment in the UK, with no benefit claims, are going to be expelled because, apparently, the head of the family declares honestly that he doesn’t quite earn £35,000 per annum, a Home Office defined lower limit for the grant of indefinite leave to remain. This is almost 3 times the minimum wage for a 46 week, 37 hours per week, working year (£12,000 per annum).

France’s Responsibility

The EU Dublin 2007 agreement, framed in parallel with the Lisbon Treaty, and the UN Refugee Convention 1951, makes it clear that refugees have to claim asylum status in the first safe country they reach. All those who were in the Calais jungle are unambiguously France’s responsibility, not Britain’s. To show willingness to help, Britain has voluntarily offered to help with a specific category – unaccompanied children with a family relative in the United Kingdom, which will soon be shown to offer yet another fraudulent pathway into Britain.

Usual Home Office slippery use of language

Thus most British people interpret the word “child” to mean under 12, or even 11, after which the common word is “teenager”. Where did the age-range 14-17 come from? Which senior officials in the Home Office sanctioned the use of this distortion of language in this vital matter? Can these people never be brought to account?

Why, if part of the criterion for entry is having a close family relative already in the UK, are these family members not going with Home Office officials to France to identify their own relatives? The answer is because the supposed UK relatives most likely don’t exist, or don’t want to be responsible for their “children” in Calais. Either way they should stay in France.

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