The BBC’s obsessive LGBT campaign “Gay Britannia”

One day perhaps the BBC producers will get hold of the fact that the 1967 Sexual Offences Act they are celebrating on every possible occasion – did not “decriminalise” homosexuality (per se) as they constantly claim. Being homosexual has never been a crime. What section 1 of the Act stipulates is that: “a homosexual act (defined as buggery or gross indecency) between males in private shall not be an offence providing the partners consent and have attained the age of 21”. An act is not done in private if more than two persons take part or are present or if done in a public lavatory.

Exclusions in Section 1 include homo-sexual acts deemed an offence under any provision of the Army Act 1955 and the Naval discipline Act 1957. In section 2, homosexual acts done aboard a UK registered ship continued to constitute an offence. Section 4(1) continued also to make it an indictable offence for a man to procure another man to commit a homosexual act with a third man.

Women are not mentioned. Since 1967 the age limits for consensual homosexual acts as defined above have been twice reduced – to 18, in line with the voting age, and then to 16 in line with the age of consent for male-female relations.

Throughout, the Act is talking about homosexual acts, not attitudes or feelings. Whatever feelings the last private owner of Felbrigg Hall, now owned by the National Trust, may have felt for anybody, we shall never know. He was a bachelor and never confided such private matters to any third party. The vast majority of National Trust members and the British public who may visit the properties entrusted to its care will never know or want to know.

Charities open to entryism by Politically Correct (PC) extremists

For the price of a few years’ subscriptions PC extremists under the guise of animal rights, LGBT, birds protection, among the larger groups – can get themselves elected to governing boards and advance their own political agendas under cover of a charity’s longstanding aims (from which it benefits financially of course by its charitable status).

National Trust

The National Trust’s current campaign to force its members and (paying) visitors to be made explicitly aware of the LGBT agenda of its management (including the thankfully departed Helen Ghosh) by absurd signing (as at Felbrigg Hall) and making its staff wear LGBT propaganda badges, is a betrayal of its heritage and of its staff.   It has caused affront to many of its members as well as visitors whose interests it claims to represent and advance. The Trust’s articles of association need to be amended to require its management and its board explicitly to sign up to its founding’s objectives.

Hopefully the debacle at Felbrigg Hall will teach the National Trust management a lesson like making the national bodies live up to their declared objectives, as recent court cases have taught the RSPCA, where animal rights fanatics have for some years diverted much of its funds to pursue a political vendetta against fox-hunters.

The BBC’s perversion of Britain’s much loved patriotic song “Rule Britannia” to advance a cause of interest to some of only about 1.6% of the UK population (but probably 10% or more of the BBC’s population) is a similar betrayal of it founding Charter objectives This will only increase pressure to break up the BBC, reserving the name for that core which will really commit to reflecting an outlook shared by 90+% of British people, rather than a congeries of tiny minorities.

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