Latest Brexit Scare Story: Airbus & the UK

From press and TV reports we hear that Airbus is thinking of disengaging itself from Britain at Filton and Broughton.

Now (Sunday Times interview 23rd July), here is Tom Enders, Chief Executive of Airbus, saying that the proposed BAe Systems project for a completely new fighter-bomber for the 2030s and 40s (“Tempest”) should be combined with a possible Franco-German rival (not specified) as part of a “European Aircraft Company”. This is to include Saab of Sweden and Leonardo of Italy as well as Airbus and BAe Systems. Britain’s Ministry of Defence has apparently assigned £2 billion for the prototype work.

Evidently Airbus is not too worried about Britain’s post-Brexit position then, although like everyone else they would like to know what the post-Brexit terms of trade will be.

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