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Stuart Agnew, the Eastern Region’s ever-diligent MEP, recounts (19th November 2018) how he has committed a month’s net salary to help the legal costs of a UKIP councillor in Derby being pursued in court this week by his defeated opponent, the former Labour leader Ranjit Banwait. He is seeking to overturn his election defeat apparently because he maintained some people didn’t like him because he is an Asian. Others said he had simply lost touch with voters.

Stuart is confident he will get his money back.



The UKIP Councillor, Paul Bettany, defeated the High Court Petition served against him after the election last May. He gets back his costs (around £23,000!), including Stuart’s £4,000+.

The Labour party’s costs came to about £75,000. Playing the race card didn’t work thankfully, and hopefully will not work in the future.

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