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Doubtless the Europeanists will protest that absorption of Britain into a Franco-German dominated United States of Europe is not intended at all.  But as I have indicated, and we all know, we are already in the position of having EC regulations imposed without agreement by our own Parliament.  A country that does not control its money or its economic policy is no more independent that California or Florida.

But you need not take my word for it.  Listeners to the BBC programme “Today” in February 1990 will have heard the Vice President of the West German central bank, the Bundesbank, remark in the course of an interview about the unification of East and West Germany that:

” . . . of course a country which merges its currency completely cannot remain independent politically.”

Thus the matter-of-fact tones of someone stating an incontestable fact demolish completely the claims of those Europeanists, including some prominent members of the Conservative Party, that European Monetary Union would not mean the end of us as an independent country – subject to a foreign flag, a foreign president, a foreign government.

The supreme Issue

For all the talk of “pooling sovereignty”, the supreme issue is precisely what it was at that last great crossroads for our country – the Reformation in 1534 – isolated, menaced for more dangerously than now by a Catholic Continent united against us:

“Who or what is to be the supreme source of Law in our country?”

Now as then thee is no fudging, no Middle Way between mutually exclusive alternatives.  The passing of the “Act of Supremacy” in 1534 by Henry VIII’s parliament made it clear that England, on the fringe of Europe then as now, would go her own way, not in isolation, but no in fear of what others would think.  Repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 will be Britain’s new Act of Supremacy.  We have nothing to fear from repeal but fear itself.
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