Immigration and Population

2. UKIP Policy on Immigration (March 2010)

This document was prepared by Gerard Batten MEP and his policy group for the UK Independence Party. It was launched at their Spring Conference on 19th March 2010. To see the document, click on the link immigration. To return, click on “back” not “close” or you will leave Britain Watch.

3. Letter to the Daily Telegraph about congestion in the South East of England.

  • The Editor
  • Daily Telegraph
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  • London E14 5DT

From Professor S. F. Bush

3 December 2000

Dear Sir

Congestion and over-population in the South-East

The South East region of England has a population of around 19 million, almost double that of Belgium on about the same area of 10,000 square miles. This gives the South East just about the highest population density of any region of comparable size in the Western world.This density is manifest in dangerous congestion on the roads, railways and in the air, and is the fundamental reason for the recent spate of horrific rail accidents.

Your report (Friday) revealed that there were 129,100 immigrants, mainly asylum seekers, accepted for settlement in the year to June. This figure, which does not include dependents, exceeds the natural increase of the United Kingdom population and is about double the number of 30 years ago when the main political parties made a tacit bargain with the British electorate that there would be no further large scale immigration.

The interests of all the people legally resident in this country must come before those seeking to come here. The 1951 Convention on Refugees, which the government claims determines our obligations, clearly states that asylum-seekers must apply to the first safe country they reach.

A start could be made on stemming the flow to Britain by automatically sending asylum-seekers back to countries like Belgium and France whence they come to Britain. This would begin to give relief to those areas like Peckham so tragically highlighted by recent events.

Yours truly

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