Climate Change: Who is Paying, and for What?

Don’t miss a Day Conference on this vital subject on Saturday, 19th March 2011 at Cromwell Barn, Burleigh Hill Farm, Somersham Road, St Ives, Cambs, PE27 3LY (near J26 on A14).

Speakers include:

  • Prof David Bellamy, OBE, Botanist & environmentalist
  • James Dent, FRMetS, CMet Cenv, Meteorologist and hydrologist
  • Roger Helmer, MEP
  • Fay Tuncay, BSc, Archaeology and Environment, University of Surrey, administrator for the “Campaign to Repeal Climate Change Act 2008, founded as a Facebook group in April 2010
  • Prof Stephen Bush, University of Manchester Professor of  Engineering, UKIP advisor on energy policy, co-author of “The Green & Secure Energy Strategies compared”
  • David MacDonald, BSc, formerly with National Nuclear Corporation, co-author of “The Green & Secure Energy Strategies compared”
  • Prof Nils-Axel Mörner, Sea level expert & former head of Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics Dept at Stockholm University
  • Piers Corbyn, Solar physicist and director of Weather Action long range forecasting
  • Austin Williams, Future Cities Project and author of “The Enemies of Progress”
  • Philip Foster, MA, Author of “While the Earth Endures”

The debate over the reality of human induced climate change is steeped in emotion, disinformation and hysteria.  Wrong policies could have catastrophic consequences for the poorest people across the planet, and result in a costly misuse of scarce resources in the United Kingdom.  This conference brings together specialists in the science of climate, in economics and energy engineering, politics and social affairs.  It will enable us to hear opinions from experts in relevant fields and hopefully gain a more realistic view of this controversial subject than much of the media often allows.

Entry is by ticket £20 (includes buffet meals).  Arrive 9.30-10.30 am – Tea & Coffee,  10.30 Introduction, 11 am Session 1, 12 pm Session 2, 1.00 pm Lunch, 2 pm Seminar 3, 3 pm Seminar 4, 4.00 pm Interval, 4.30 pm Session 5, 5.30 pm Session 6, 6.30 pm Tea & Discussion, 8.00 pm Final Plenary Session: Where do we go from here?

Please apply to Strategic Conferences Ltd, c/o Tudor House Mews, Westgate, Grantham, NG31 6LU enclosing your cheque (made payable to “Strategic Conferences Ltd”) or for payment by Credit Card please telephone 01480-399098 and quote “Climate Conference”.  You will be given a number to quote in your application.  

Or you can email Philip Foster at

A limited number of concessionary tickets are available at £10 each.  Please telephone 01480-399098 and quote “Climate Conference concessions.  You will be given a number to quote in your application.

(A limited number of tickets may be available on the day at £25 each.)

Places to Stay:

  • Travelodge, Fenstanton, (08719-846039)
  • Premier Inn, Brampton (08715-278541)
  • Marriott Hotel, Huntingdon, PE28 9BJ (0800-221222)
  • Willow Guest House, Hemingford Grey, PE28 9BJ (01480-494748)
  • Days Inn, Boxworth, CB23 4WU (01954-267176)
  • The Dolphin Hotel, Bridgefoot, St Ives, PE27 5EP (01480-466966)
  • Slepe Hall Hotel, St Ives, PE27 5RB (01480-463122)

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4 Responses to “Climate Change: Who is Paying, and for What?”

  1. robin summerell says:

    Dear Sir,

    It seems to me that this conference brings together a group of climate deniers – hardly a fair debate.

    I can’t see it’s worth coming but hope it achieves something positive.

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  2. Philip foster says:

    It’s well nigh impossible to set up a ‘debate’ from the sceptics’ side – alarmists either never turn up or back out.

    A case in point was when Prof. Ian Plimer was scheduled to debate with George Monbiot at Church House before 600 people chaired by Andrew Neil. Monbiot simply refused to turn up.

    WE intend to inform the public and the Press and hopefully MPs about the proper science and the political ramifications of improper ‘science’.

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  3. robin summerell says:

    Here is a transcript of a live Tv debate between Monbiot and Plimer and on YouTube:

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  4. Philip foster says:

    That was a different occasion to the big debate Monbiot ducked out of. Incidentally Monbiot’s insistence on a particular issue needing reference is a little rich from a journalist who swallows whole all the un peeer reviewed propaganda put out by the IPCC. In the last report less than 20 papers they cited were peer reviewed.

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