How do we keep the lights on?


The EU believes that burning fossil fuels to produce electricity, to supply industry and to run our transport and heat our homes is causing man-made climate change. To stop this they have produced laws which are shutting down coal-fired power stations and causing industry to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide. So far the UK government has ignored the body of scientific evidence which shows that these expensive panicky measures are unnecessary and damaging to our economy. Instead it has given large subsidies to “renewable energy” producers which have resulted in huge wind farms off our coasts and on hills and huge solar farms using up land which could be growing food.

Georgie’s tale

I like to keep warm inside a warm house in the winter. My family use gas and electricity.

Garfield’s reply

If we stay in the EU and have to continue to shut down our coal-fired electricity power stations before new nuclear ones are built to take over, then heating, lighting and cooking systems relying on electricity will be put at risk in the winter when there is usually little sun or wind at the coldest times. If we are free from the EU we can continue to use coal for the full life of the power stations and get the shut-down gas stations out of mothballs. To avoid having to import large amounts of expensive gas and electricity from the Continent, we can develop new gas heating sources from fracking.

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