Reaction to Tory Election Victory

Following the Conservative (Tory) election victory, the Conservative-supporting newspapers were euphoric.  Typical was the Daily Telegraph (or Torygraph as it is sometimes referred to as).

It’s worth noting how small the Tory victory margin is and how slender Prime Minister Cameron’s mandate actually is.  With an electorate of 46 million, the total of 11,230,000 votes is only 36.9% of those voting, less than a quarter of the electorate, though yielding 331 seats in a House of Commons of 650 (including the Speaker) – a majority of 12.

The Telegraph’s sonorous editorial of May 11th read as if it had been written in the aftermath of Edward Heath’s surprise victory in 1970, 45 years ago: Britain’s place in Europe, “One Nation” social policies, the need to spread opportunity, etc.  There was not a word about the enormous trade deficit the UK faces, approaching £100 billion, which is the largest proportionately to GDP in the industrial world.

Not a word either on the absolute need to stop admitting hundreds of thousands of foreigners to settle each year in Britain, at a rate which will, if it continues, take the population to over 100 million and make the native British a minority in their own country, within the lifetime of most people under 40.

Again not a word about the utterly undemocratic nature of an electoral system which has left nearly 4 million voters opposing this fate with but a single parliamentary representative, while the same number of votes has elected 64 SNP and LibDem MPs.  This result will astonish our overseas readers.

What are the chances that the Cameron government will reduce or eliminate any of these three fundamental problems?

On the trade deficit – very little.  On immigration from the EU – nothing significant.  On electoral system change to a proportional system – ziltch, if only because as the above figures indicate, under a proportional system the Tories would never form another government.

Any concessions on EU immigrant benefits access which Cameron may be able to wring out of other EU governments will do nothing to arrest the flow of immigrants into the UK from Eastern Europe, given the factor of 4 difference in annual incomes.  Far from the Conservatives creating “One Nation”, they will create a “nation of strangers” if that isn’t a contradiction in terms.  Only getting out of the EU will prevent this.

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