Camerblair in full flow

At the Conservative annual conference which ended on Wednesday October 8th, Prime Minister Cameron (aka Camerblair) reverted to his true obsessions, namely racism, homophobia, equality and sexism. Two thousand Conservative attendees dutifully applauded this Left-Liberal speech.

For all his grasshopper mind, darting from subject to subject, as his team passes anecdotal evidence and sound bites to him, these are his abiding passions, highlighting supposed acts of discrimination by ordinary British people against ethnic minorities, homosexuals and women.

Cameron’s discrimination examples

Apparently he believes that opportunity “won’t mean anything (sic!) to his two daughters if they grow up in a world where they get paid less because of their gender, rather than how good they are at work”. Does he take his evidence for this nonsensical generalisation from the high profile cases brought by a few already well-paid women in investment banking against their employers on the grounds that one (sometimes it is only one) male colleague may have received more than they have?

Or there’s another generalisation from a single case (which may or may not be true) of a young Black woman who felt “she had to change her name to Elizabeth before she got any job interviews. That in 21st Century Britain is a disgrace”. Why does he blast his own kind like this? Quite a few Chinese in China adopt an English name when dealing with Westerners. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” is a well tried metaphor for peaceful integration into a new country.

If ethnic people really want to integrate, they could do just this. Many 19th and 20th Century German, Polish, Russian immigrants to the USA and Canada anglicised their names, as have many Jewish immigrants to Britain.

What Cameron and the Centrists really want

They really want, as he put it, “to build the most democratic, multi-racial society in the world”. For the nine out of ten UK citizens who are not from an ethnic minority, these words are a chill warning of what is to come as Cameron’s earlier hints at more legislation to restrict employers’ freedom to choose their own employees, and almost certainly to use the contract compliance method to enforce quotas on private firms bidding for public sector contracts.

Immigration – the elephant in the Conservative hall

The main warning of what Cameron intends in (hopefully) his last few years in 10 Downing Street, is what his speech did not say. Most British people have said over and over again that they don’t want their country to be transformed into the most “democratic multi-racial society in the world” , which is actually a contradiction in terms. Even when the numbers of immigrants from Africa and Asia, at 50,000 per year in the 1960s were but a trickle compared with the net 336,000 who came last year, the British people have continually proclaimed their democratic opposition to this mass immigration of foreigners.

But their voices have been consistently ignored, except near General Elections. With his smooth metropolitan Eton and Oxford background, Cameron literally knows nothing first-hand about the transformation of huge swathes of English cities, the very well-springs of the industrial revolution, into essentially foreign districts, like East and North-Central London in fact – often described by some Continental politicians as Londinistan. Cameron and his Left-Liberal buddies have done this to we English, without a blush, indeed we are the subjects of their disparagement – for actually not welcoming a flood of Asian and African names in the telephone book or in the media.

Cameron finished if Britain votes to leave the European Union

If, as this writer devoutly hopes, Britain votes to leave the EU sometime in the next two years, then that will be the political end of Cameron, his LibLabCon allies, and a good part of the rest of the political establishment as well. There is thus much more at stake than trade arrangements – important as they are.

A vote to leave the EU will crack apart the faux-liberal, internationalist, anti-nation group-think which has dominated Britain’s public sectors since the 1960s: the civil service, the universities, politics, local government and above all the radio and TV media – the automatic anti-English talking classes in fact. Here is a real revolution in prospect – not the pathetic Trotskyist ramblings of Corbyn’s followers.

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  1. Ageing Albion says:

    Worse was the performance of the new Liberal Democrat leader on Question Time on Thursday. His response to Theresa May’s remarks about immigration were from a purely moral perspective. That is, he explained that her language was wrong and we should think nice thoughts about immigrants.

    If I say that I wish to solve world hunger it is a morally correct sentiment. If I fail to produce any facts about how I intend actually to do it, however, then I am wasting everyone’s time. And so it is with the Liberal Democrats and their obsessive moralising, wholly detached from reality, practical effects and the lives of those few remaining English people in the parts of the country that are demonstrably no longer English.

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