Illegal Immigrants

Like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car, the Government is still bereft of measures to stop vast numbers of illegal immigrants claiming political asylum in our country. One can hope that its Rwanda solution will do the trick, but it needs to be sufficiently watertight to prevent the human rights industry negating it.

It is a big problem given that the Government has seen an international obligation to let in anyone from the whole world as overriding its common law duty to protect its own citizens from incursion into their historic territory. Across the world, Britain is seen as a soft touch because of this attitude.

Rather than treating all asylum claims in the same way, whole classes of claimant should not be considered. In the pending legislation those coming from countries in the EU including immigrant transit countries or those on the EU’s official accession list, should be deemed automatically to come from “safe” countries and not be allowed in for “processing”.

Thus flights to Rwanda of applicants in these categories and, since the agreement with Albania made last December, including those to Albania, will be entirely lawful and beyond the reach of the Courts in Britain or Europe. Names would not be released. A short one or two line Bill should be passed to make it clear to the lawyers beyond peradventure that Parliament really is supreme in these matters.

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