Secure Energy Strategy (SES)

Sizewell Nuclear Power Station

Sizewell Nuclear Power Station

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A nuclear-based Secure Energy Strategy (SES) compared with the Government’s 2009 Green Strategy by Stephen Bush and David MacDonald

To see the full text of reference 2 of the SES summary go to the reference list in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle on the Energy and Environment page of this website.

To see the pdf of the full SES proposal, please click on the link GridPaper6.

Until recently you could see the “Gone Green” Article on the National Grid’s website with the list of responses under the 2009 consultation, but this has now been removed (November 2014). However if you Google “National Grid Gone Green Consultation 2009” it should give you GridPaper6 from Prosyma Research Ltd among a list of other consultation documents.

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