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This page gives an overall plan of the pages on this website and indicates their contents.

Britain Watch is sponsored by PROSYMA RESEARCH LTD who can be contacted at their registered office – unit 5, Brunel Business Court, Eastern Way, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP32 7AB.

About Britain Watch (the philosophy behind the website)

  • Contact Us (contains an e-mail message form for your use)
  • People (details about the principal authors – Stephen Bush, Gillian Bush, Vindex)

Change Concepts (“Independence or Extinction: No Middle Way” 10 page paper by Stephen Bush, 1990 to read from the screen)

  • Designs for Modern Britain (Preface; Designs for Britain: (1) The Honours System; Designs for Britain: (2) [work in progress])
  • Economic Design (An introduction to the state of the UK economy; “Predicting the outcome of New Product Development: a Techno-Economic Model applied to SMEs in the manufacturing sector”, 14 page paper by S F Bush & C Doidge, June 2005, Strathclyde University; “On the  Importance of Manufacture to the Economy”, 32 page paper by S F Bush, September 2000, Manchester Statistical Society)
  • British Constitution (“No Middle Way” by Prof Stephen Bush, May 1990, 10 prophetic pages in pdf; “The Meaning of Englishness”, speech by Stephen Bush to the Society of St George, Mere Golf Club, 24th April 1998: “National Identity”, speech to Conservatives lunch, 20 Sept 2002); “A new constitution for all of the United Kingdom” by Stephen Bush, based on a post “Scotland and the United Kingdom”

Education (“More Matter, Less Art”, paper for Gresham College Conference, 11 December 1990; “University Admissions and Fees”, booklet for the Campaign for Real Education, January 2004)

  • Choice (Paper: “The Engineer as Decision Maker” 1997)
  • Standards (Paper: The Mathematics Crisis in Britain” 1996 )

Energy and Environment (Paper by Hill Path Projects Ltd on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: the Physics of Nuclear Fission, the Nuclear Reactor Core, the Pressurised Water Reactor, the Fast Breeder Reactor, Uranium Ore, Uranium Reactor Fuel, Nuclear Fuel Recycling, Fast Breeder Programme, Nuclear Waste Disposal.

  • Alternatives to Fossil Fuels (a paper with 6 sections: “Present position”, “What are the current biofuels for transport?”, “Purpose of this paper”, “Assumptions”, “Results”, “Processes involved in making biofuels”, and 3 flow charts: “Sugar Beet to Bio Ethanol”, “Fats to Biodiesel”, “Hydrogen”)
  • Averting Energy Catastrophe (Link to “Averting Energy Catastrophe” paper, presented by SF Bush & D MacDonald, at Conference “Climate Change: Who is Paying, and for What? March 2011)
  • Electricity Generation (4 tables from “Basic Energy and CO2 Data: “Electricity Generation by type of fuel”, “Typical Energy Flux Densities”, “Energy Densities for various fuels”, “Solar radiation”, and 3 tables from “The Fossil Fuel Economy”: “International Comparisons of Electricity Generation & CO2 emissions 2004″, “What can Nuclear Do?”, “What can Wind Do?”)
  • Packaging (note on packaging with 3 tables: “Energy inputs into the food-chain in GJ (= 280 kWh) per person per year”, “Effects of replacing plastics in packaging by traditional materials”, “Packaging Energy reduction strategems compared”)
  • Secure Energy Strategy (SES) (summary of paper submitted to the National Grid as a comparison to the Government’s 2009 Green Strategy); link to full proposal submitted by Prosyma Research Ltd on National Grid site; link to pdf of full proposal

External Relations (Talk to European Federation of Women: “Europe and Asia” 21/9/00; letter from SF Bush to Daily Telegraph, 24/6/99 “Appeasement raising Sinn Fein’s vote”)

  • ABCANZ (items relating to English-speaking America, Britain, Canada, Australia & New Zealand) (Australia’s Decision: A view from England ten years on)
  • European Union (pdf “The Meaning of the Maastricht Treaty”, SF & GM Bush, showing the damaging provisions and the extent of plans for the euro; paper “Some Economic Comparisons with our EU neighbours” with 2 tables: “Some comparisons relevant to the UK Economy 2005 $Bn except GDP per capita”, “2005 Percentage share of the Comparator Economies by sector”; paper “The Common European Currency”; pdf “A Brexit Blueprint – Britain Revitalised and Independence Regained”, SF Bush 2015, final 6 in essay competition held by Institute of Economic Affairs; pdfs “Single Market Realities I” and “Single Market Realities II”, SF Bush 2015/16; pdfs “Technomica Papers”: No 6 “Negotiating Brexit with the EU”, No 7 “Produce and Sustain3”, No 9 “Future of UK-EU Trade: No need for elaborate new tracing systems – use existing Customs & VAT systems”)

Governance of Britain (“The Labour Government’s Record 1997-2010”, Vindex; “Spinning out of Control”, first Goldsmith Memorial lecture, 22 May 2007, Prof S Bush)

Key Data For Britain Watch:- (setting the scene for the following data pages)

  • Energy and Emissions (contains a paper: “Energy Demand and Emissions Targets in the UK” with 4 tables, and 6 tables from “Basic Energy and CO2 Emissions Data”)
  • Immigration and Population (4-page paper “Economic Effects of Immigration into the United Kingdom”, S F Bush; 52-page “UKIP Immigration Policy, March 2010”, Gerard Batten MEP); Letter to Daily Telegraph 3/12/00 about congestion in the SE, by SF Bush)
  • The Economy (contains 2 tables: “Production & Export/Import of Fossil Fuels 2004-2027” and “UK Trade Balances 1995-2007”)
  • Trade and Investment Balances (contains a paper: “Balance of Payment Data” with 3 tables: “Balance of Payments current account 1995 and 2005”, “How Oil and Gas effect Balance of Payments”, “Assets and Liabilities £Bn”)
  • British History (“Introduction” – why this subject needs special attention; “Historians suppressing the word “British” when referring to the Second World War”; “Altruism”)

Performance of the Economy (“Britain’s Future: Business, Industry and a new Relationship with the EU”, SF Bush 1998)

  • Finance (Letters:”City not so important”, 8/10/01; “The value of manufacturing”, 1/8/01)
  • Jobs (“Produce and Prosper”: 35 page paper on increasing UK manufacturing industry by 50%; “Public sector salaries”: short paper)
  • Made/Not made in Britain (Introduction: causes of the current lack of British manufacturers and suppliers, “What you can do”, “Aim of the exercise”, “Producer or Manufacturer Database”, “Goods Wanted Database”, “Imports requiring more stringent tests”)

Britain Watch is sponsored by PROSYMA RESEARCH LTD.

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