External Relations

The Table I have included shows the current populations of Europe and Asia in two categories each – Europe and Europe Overseas, developed Asian countries and developing Asian countries.

As you can see the European world population has increased about 50% in the last 45 years (though three quarters is overseas Europe – much of which is actually Asian immigration).

The Asian majors which are now three times the total European population have increased at 2.4% per annum on average (Europe 1%) to give a 200% increase in the same period.

Indigenous European populations are now at a standstill, or as in Italy actually declining (which it is vital to reverse).  There is a natural limit in any given time to what any country can absorb of people who will see themselves as different, even if the host country does not.

Water will absorb so much salt – then further addition sinks to the bottom as a separate phase.

This invitation originated with my letter on Turkey and the European Union.  The figures in the table show that Turkey’s rate of population increase has been even greater than the average for Asia as a whole (not counting the considerable emigration to Germany).

My basic view is that we should collaborate with Turkey – but without freedom of movement, which is part of the EU as presently constituted.

Paradoxically, you might think, my personal vision of sovereign European countries cooperating with each other in Europe and Europe Overseas would make it much easier to accommodate Turkey’s and other European countries’ wish to be more closely associated with us.

Thank you for your attention.

Appeasement raising Sinn Fein’s Vote
(Letter to Daily Telegraph 24th June 1999)

SIR – Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, made it clear in his Belfast speech last week that the concerns of Irish republicans, dedicated to wrenching the United Kingdom apart, are as valid as those of Unionists, dedicated to upholding it (report, June 15). The Unionists are portrayed as the obstacle to setting up devolved government because they decline to do what no other democracy has ever done, namely admit into government a party linked to a terrorist organisation.

As one act of appeasement of the IRA follows another, the Sinn Fein proportion of the nationalist/republican vote rises in step. In the 1992 general election, which ushered in the “peace process”, the proportion was 28 per cent; in the recent Euro-elections (with a Northern Ireland turnout of almost 60 per cent) the proportion has risen to nearly 40 per cent.

The unambiguous plan for the handing over of arms by the Kosovo Liberation Army announced by Nato contrasts with the endless prevarication over the same issue by Sinn Fein/IRA. Imposing moral principles on Serbia by virtually risk-free bombing is one thing. Upholding democratic principles in the face of an opponent such as Sinn Fein/IRA, able and willing to inflict real damage – well, that for Mr Blair is evidently a different matter altogether.

Prof Stephen Bush

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