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All the signs are that the governance of Britain is spiralling out of control: record trade and budget deficits; a swollen bureaucracy; an inadequate but costly education system; a government incapable of providing for our future energy needs; record emigration of native Britons, unprecedented levels of immigration; a mind-set putting the non-citizen ahead of the British citizen.

Britain Watch has been set up to highlight key examples of these trends and to promote practical reforms to reverse the incompetence and loss of national self belief they engender. All readers are invited to participate.

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Short News

Don't Miss Technomica Papers
You will find papers 6 (Negotiation Brexit with the EU), 7 (Produce and Sustain3), and 9 (Future of UK-EU Trade: No need for elaborate new tracing systems – use existing Customs & VAT systems) on the European Union Page of this website. Paper 13, concentrating on the current options for Brexit Independence is now also downloadable.

Splendid Fellow
Stuart Agnew, the Eastern Region’s ever-diligent MEP, recounts (19th November 2018) how he has committed a month’s net salary to help the legal costs of a UKIP councillor in Derby being pursued in court this week by his defeated opponent, the former Labour leader Ranjit Banwait. He is seeking to overturn his election defeat apparently because he maintained some people didn’t like him because he is an Asian. Others said he had simply lost touch with voters. Stuart is confident he will get his money back. [more »]

Brexit: Not Turning Our Backs On Our Neighbours
My letter published in the Times on 25th October testified as to what were in my experience of the Referendum campaign the four things which Leavers did NOT want. These are:

  1. No continuing right of 450 million EU nationals to move and settle in the UK as of right.
  2. No compulsory payments to the EU’s budget.
  3. No right of EU boats to fish in Britain’s internationally recognised waters (the UNLOSS Treaty of 1964).
  4. No role for any foreign court, including the European Court of Justice, in Britain’s internal affairs.
These are the incontestable rights upheld by all of the 165 non-EU countries in the United Nations, ranging from Angola to Uruguay. This is all – just simple assertions of a sovereign people wishing to rule themselves. Nowhere did I find anyone saying or even implying they wanted to “turn their backs on EU countries”, still less insult them. [more »]

Don't miss speech to 2018 UKIP Conference
This speech by Prof Bush was delivered on the 22nd September at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham. It is an extract from a forthcoming paper “New Forms of Industrial Organisation: the Leopard Concept”.

Don't Miss "The vote of the Brexiteers"
This is a telling letter from Prof Bush published in The Times on 25th October 2018.