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All the signs are that the governance of Britain is spiralling out of control: record trade and budget deficits; a swollen bureaucracy; an inadequate but costly education system; a government incapable of providing for our future energy needs; record emigration of native Britons, unprecedented levels of immigration; a mind-set putting the non-citizen ahead of the British citizen.

Britain Watch has been set up to highlight key examples of these trends and to promote practical reforms to reverse the incompetence and loss of national self belief they engender. All readers are invited to participate.

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Short News

Don't Miss Brexit Book by Stephen Bush
Download this illuminating study by Stephen Bush here. It’s an invaluable guide to understanding Britain’s position in negotiations on Brexit. [more »]

More Euratom Red Herrings
The government’s confirmation of Britain’s intended exit from the Euratom Treaty is much to be welcomed. As our post of 29th June stated, the anxiety over this step – prefigured when Article 50 to leave the EU was triggered on March 29th, is entirely confected by people who don’t know that they are talking about. This is usually the case when anything with a remotely scientific content is concerned. [more »]

Leaving Euratom: Radio Isotopes are Latest Red Herring
Various scientific folk cite radio isotopes as being under threat after Britain leaves Euratom. Euratom is concerned with nuclear energy, specifically the manufacture of the nuclear-fissile products used in electricity power stations. Apart from EU directive 2013/59/Euratom which sets out unexceptionable precautions for handling radioactive materials, long established in British industrial practice, Euratom is not concerned with materials for the medical applications of nuclear radiation. [more »]

If the worst comes to the worst
In 1940, the new Churchill government, while of course aiming to win the war, planned for the worst case scenario – a successful German invasion of Britain. Plans were made with the Canadian government for the Royal Family to move to Canada, and a British government in exile to be established there. Gold and other treasure would be moved out of reach of the invaders. But on the basis that we would keep the Germans at bay and continue to fight on, a crash programme of factory building and land cultivation was embarked on. In 2017, the British government is likewise duty bound to make basic arrangements for a breakdown of negotiations with the EU, to cope with the possibility that the EU demands for financial settlement and rights for its citizens living in Britain are more than Britain could possibly countenance. [more »]

Oxford "History": More Surrender to the Egalitarians
Fresh from its capitulation to a few dozen African students “demanding” that the history syllabus be changed to include more Black figures, Oxford is in the process of changing the history exams themselves to engineer more women to get First Class degrees[1], at the behest of a few dozen female mediocrities and their male supporters. [more »]


The Balfour Declaration and the British Conquest of Palestine

The 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration on 21st November has once again been quoted in The Times and elsewhere as evidence of the British Government’s being “converted to Zionism in 1917” (James Sorene 23rd October).

The full 67-word statement needs to be quoted in full because so much has depended on it at the time and ever since:

“His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours for the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

It is nonsense to suggest that the Balfour Declaration was prompted by ideas of “gaining favour with Jewish communities across the world” to influence decision-making in America and Russia about the War.  American troops were established in France from 5th July 1917 and by the autumn Russia was effectively out of the War.

December 9th (tomorrow) is the 100th anniversary of the surrender of Jerusalem to the British Army following its great victory over the Turks. This alone put the British government in a position to offer a “national home” (not a State) to the Jewish people. …[more»]